Next steps when Home again

  1. 1. Evaluate your achievements
         What did you achieve? How have you changed?

  2. 2. Catch-up with your life
         Have you exchanged stories with your friends and family?

  3. 3. Find new challanges
         What is your next challenge in life? What excites you now?

Home again articles

Study abroad changes you

If you studied abroad... think about all the new things you experienced abroad and all the crazy things you have been through with fellow international students. You remember the moments when you felt like a unique cosmopolitan living in a ... Continue reading

Careers after studying abroad

Study abroad career impact Recently your parents have been asking question about what you will work and also you have this feeling that life is a bit different, because it is time to prove that your study abroad program was not for nothing: you ha... Continue reading

Keep in touch with friends

In this section we give you tips to maintain healthy international friendships and constantly grow your international network. We guide you through the maze of keeping in touch with different kind of study abroad friends, but first let's see what you... Continue reading

Reverse culture shock explained

Culture shock reloaded Welcome to the realm of reverse culture shock that appears on your front door shortly after you have finished studying abroad. You never imagined that your home country would clench its cultural fist and hit you right in the... Continue reading

Reverse culture shock 2

After you studied abroad you will have to deal with a certain level of reentry shock. We gathered the most universal phenomenons and awkward or painful situations caused by the reverse culture shock and provided you with some tips on ho... Continue reading

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